Craig is a board member of the 501C3 nonprofit and he works as the music coordinator and dropped by the 'Kickin' Wake-Up call' this morning to talk about their music series and Bonnie Bishop who is next on the schedule Saturday, March 26th..

Craig is bringing some great bands and artist to his venue and Bonnie Bishop is a Grammy award winner who is very entertaining.

We talked about how she won the Grammy, her songwriting/vocal talents and more. Bonnie has been a staple of the Texas Music Scene for a long time and has a new album called 'Ain't Who I Was' coming out May 27th..

Craig also said to be sure to get there around 7 and enjoy some great food before the show which starts at 8 pm.

He also gave us the full line up of entertainers for this series as well.

For complete details, check out the above video from this morning's interview on Kickin' Country 103.1.

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