Our Intern Jackie went to see William Clark Green last Friday at Midnight Rodeo, and here's what she thought about the show:

When I first heard the radio spot for William Clark Green’s show at Midnight Rodeo in San Angelo, I quickly marked the date on my calendar. Green’s “She likes the Beatles” had been blaring through my speakers for the past few months, so the thought of being able to listen to it live was a thrill. This talented musician is no rookie to the Texas music charts, and today he continues to rise with his latest album release titled “Ringling Road.” Personally, I love Green’s authentic Texas sound with a twist of southern rock and I was excited to see how his music sounded live.

As I arrived at the venue, I noticed quite a few people lined up outside. The show had started a few minutes before, and there were still fans arriving. Once I got my ticket scanned at the door, I walked in to the crowded room. There were many surrounding the stage, as well as on the dance floor. Luckily, I was able to snag a spot right in front. Green and his band were set up on stage playing many of their hit singles such as: “Rose Queen,” “Sympathy,” “Sticks and Stones,” and “Creek Don’t Rise.” Throughout the performance the band was filled with energy and the crowd responded by swaying to the music and singing to every lyric. Not too long after, Green and his band began to play their single “Ringling Road” off of their new album. At that second the crowd got riled up and everyone who was on the dance floor rushed to the stage. I felt the strong energy and I began participating in the band’s call-and-response section of the song. Almost every person in the audience was shouting Green’s lyrics at the top of their lungs. Once that song ended, the dancers fled back to the dance floor to move along to the next few tracks on the setlist. Wrapping up the set was “She Likes the Beatles.” I put all my energy into singing that tune and once it was over I wanted more.

Having the opportunity to watch William Clark Green live was incredible. I enjoyed every second of the show and I would definitely encourage others to attend one of his shows. I look forward to listening to more of Green’s music in the future, and I feel like he will definitely make his mark in country music.