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A woman in Houston has gone to the extreme to kick her husband out of the house but not off their property. are private matters and shouldn’t be the business of anyone else. Their differences can be plainly seen in their front yard where the husband is currently taking up residence.

According to a report from KPRC-TV in Houston, a doctor and her husband own a home in the upscale neighborhood of Taylor Lake Village in Seabrook, Texas. And reportedly for about the past 6 months, Sharafat Khan has been forced by his wife to live on their front yard. He has not been given food nor has he been given shelter and signs posted by his wife tell neighbors and passersby to not help him.

The report from KPRC-TV goes on to say that Khan is in a weakened and state and that concerned neighbors are worried about his well-being. Police have been called a number times, but they say there is little they can do about the situation.