Max Stalling is playing The House of FiFi DuBois Saturday night. I interviewed him today on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' and we talked about the show and his new album which won't be released until October 9th but you can get it tomorrow night if you are at the show!

Max is such a great songwriter/story teller/ and performer who has been around for many years with seven, about to be eight albums to his credit along with numerous hit singles and a ton of touring dates over the years.

On this morning's interview, we talked about his song writing, and the people who inspired him when he was coming up through the ranks. He also told us about his band and what to expect on stage Saturday as it will be a full band performance.

Max also gave us an overview of his new album and that you would be hearing new music from it as well as numerous songs that I'm sure you already know.

Max also said that even though his new album will not be released until October 9th, you can purchase it tomorrow night if you are at the show. It will be the first time it goes on sale anywhere! Pretty sure to get a copy of it while you're at the show!