Newborn photographer Stephanie Mcmullen is a mom of two with an amazing eye for capturing beautiful photos for new parents. She specializes in working with newborns but also works with older babies and even toddlers. Her photos are absolutely adorable, and this Chick-fil-A shoot is no different.

Mcmullen posts highlights of her photoshoots on her TikTok account and they tend to get a fair bit of attention. None of her other videos seemed to do quite as well as this one though. With 18.6 million views and 1.8 million likes, her Chick-fil-A shoot was an absolute hit.

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The baby is wearing a tiny cow hat along with adorable miniature Chick-fil-A menu items like a soda and chicken nuggets. Topped with the red background, this shot might as well be used for the restaurant chain's next ad campaign.

You just know the parents are massive Chick-fil-A fans and aren't afraid to show it. I would expect a couple so into the chicken establishment to be from Texas, but Mcmullen actually runs her studio on the east coast. Just goes to show you how powerful people’s love of those chicken sandwiches and nuggets can take them.

It also had me thinking about what brand I love so much that I would dress my future baby up like it for a photoshoot. I do love Taco Bell, but I think I would have to go with Sprite as a cute photo idea. You could dress them up in green with some lemons and limes scattered around. I think themed photoshoots are so fun and you know the parents are going to cherish those photos forever.

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