Parker Millsap’s latest album, 'The Very Last Day', is getting a lot of attention, including a nomination for Album of the Year at the Americana Music Awards. Millsap has just released the first music video from the album for the song “Pining.”..........

“Pining” is a lighthearted song & video but yet it does address the sacrifices that need to be made in a relationship and asks, “How far is too far for the one you love?”

The new album is a mixture of serious and whimsical. Millsap sings about the end of the world, moral relativity, unconditional love and salvation.

And then their is the lighthearted song 'Pining' with a pretty cool and carefree attitude. It's a feel good song and I encourage you to take a moment and check it out in the above video to Parker Millsap's 'Pining', which you will hear on Kickin' Country 103.1.



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