Sunny Sweeney has a new single called 'Bottle By My Bed' which was inspired by Sweeney and husband Jeff Hellmer’s attempts to become parents and the physical complication's they faced... 

In a lengthy interview with People, Sweeney opened up about the treatments she and her husband went through to try and get pregnant, followed by an unexpected conception, and then a miscarriage.

Sunny and her husband haven't given up hope that if she got pregnant once, perhaps it can happen again.

Sweeney admits that it was “a tough decision” to put the song out there, but now that she has, she’s “so happy” that she did, especially because people are hearing it and coming up to her and sharing their stories.

Sunny says...“People want to talk about the subject. People need to talk about this. We need to commiserate and lift each other up, both men and women. If my song can aid in that process, I feel we have done our job as songwriters.”

Take a moment check out the above music video of Sunny Sweeney and 'Bottle By My Bed'.

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