I recently posted a blog about how Cody Jinks has reached gold status with Two Singles, “Loud and Heavy” and “Hippies and Cowboys” for selling 500,000 units and that “Loud and Heavy” has now attained Platinum status for having gone on to sell a million units! Well the success stories keep on coming for independent Texas/Red Dirt artist!

Getting Gold RIAA certification is almost impossible for an independent artist with no mainstream radio play.

Tyler Childers actually went gold before Cody with “Feathered Indians”.

There’s more!! As of September 18th, Whiskey Myers has two singles that have now been certified Gold. They are “Ballad Of A Southern Man” and “Stone”.

What is going on for independent artist has never happened in todays country music era, and it's all happened in 2020.

You can bet that major labels, Music Row, and mainstream radio are concerned that their power over creative control with music seems to be going away. It also means that artists who in many cases remain independent so they can maintain creative control are
starting to find success at a level even many major label performers are unable to achieve.

Savingcountrymusic.com says.....This is an achievement not just by the bands and artists, but a testament to the strength and growing numbers of independent music fans supporting artists in swelling numbers, and in a way that can no longer be denied by the major country music industry, and gives these artists the continued ability to make music their way, and share it with their audience directly.

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