It's been a while since I have had the opportunity to visit with Whitney Shorb from the Boys Ranch. She has been a little busy, having a baby! Congratulations to Whitney and her family. She did make it in this morning to fill us in on a couple of upcoming events.

The boys are getting excited about the rodeo competition in their annual Boys Ranch Rodeo on August 18th. Only the boys can participate in this one but everyone is invited to come out, watch the action, and get to know more about West Texas Boys Ranch and all of the great work they do with these boys.

Whitney also talked about their 23rd Annual Wing Fling Dove Hunt coming up Monday, September 14th at St. Ambrose Church in Wall.

Hunters will enjoy a great day of hunting in the Wall area to be topped off with a delicious steak and shrimp dinner that evening. There will also be an auction so bid high for the Boys Ranch.

Whithey wrapped our visit up with contact information so you can get in on the hunt or just find out more information in general.

For all of the details from this mornings interview on the Kickin Wake-Up Call just watch the above video.