Our pets are important to us, and a lot of times, we’ll consider whether a potential mate is a cat or dog person before we take the relationship to the next level. And, for almost everyone, whether or not your significant other gets along with your pets can be a deal breaker. But would you expect cats to be at the root of this couple’s divorce?

It seems slightly likely that cats could eventually come between two people. Sometimes there’s just an unwillingness to compromise in pet disagreements. What’s perhaps a little more surprising about this situation is that there were 550 cats at the center of the dispute. And you can hardly blame a guy for needing to get away from that.

According to what the soon-to-be ex-husband told the Rabbinical Court in Beersheba, Isreal, his wife has amassed an astounding 550 cats, which she pretty much allows to have the run of the house. He claims he can’t sleep in the bed because it’s always full of cats. He says he can’t get to the bathroom because the cats are in the way. He told the court he can’t even get a proper meal because the cats are always getting on the table or swiping his food with their paws.

The couple has tried to reconcile, but it seems like someone who would allow that many cats to take over her home is probably somewhat difficult to reason with. It’s likely that it’s better for this man to move on, and maybe find someone who’s fond of pet rocks. 550 rocks would be way easier to deal with.

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