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One of the perks of living in a smaller city in Texas is that you can get a much nicer house for much less when comparing the homes available in larger cities. Lubbock is a great example of this, but it isn’t the only small Texas city with stunning and affordable homes.  

For example, this home in Donna, Texas is a beautiful new-build that would run you $225,000. I came across this home on TikTok and there aren’t too many details about it, but you can see how nice the home is in the video posted by @hypermaro. It looks like it’s a fairly spacious home with some luxurious features that would be hard to find in a larger city for that price.  

The home looks to be a three bed, two bath, with an open floor plan and a spacious kitchen. I love the detailing on the ceiling in the living room, and the chandeliers in the kitchen provide a unique look. The only downside you might see to living in this home is the location. Donna, Texas is located on the furthest south edge of Texas, nearly four hours south of San Antonio.  

However, if you love the small-town feel then it might be the place for you. If you're into a slower way of living and enjoy the southern parts of Texas along with affordable living, then you will probably like Donna, Texas. Just like how Lubbock isn’t for everyone but some people adore it, Donna might be that place for you.  

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