Every couple deserves a romantic getaway. It's a great way to keep the flames of your passion burning or rekindle the fire altogether.

But there are ways to ruin these few days of amore.

While candles and roses are a good way to keep the mood, be sure to avoid the following or else you could find yourself single and lonely quicker than you can say, "match-dot-com":

1. Don't ask your partner if they saw the hottie in the Robert Frost suite of your B&B.

2. Don't at all of the strawberries and whipped cream without feeding any of them to your partner.

3. Don't bury your partner in the sand and leave them there while they sunbathe.

4. Don't sleep with room service.

5. Don't tell your straight boyfriend that you're actually a man.

6. Don't shave your boyfriend's head while he's sleeping because you love the way his head is shaped.

7. Don't get matching tattoos that read "Together forever...or until we get bored."

8. Don't play Russian roulette.

9. Don't hire a violinist to follow you around everywhere.

10. Don't say you want to have a magical wedding, just like Kim Kardashian.

11. Don't break up.

12. Don't be more than 20 years apart in age. People will stare.

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