I filled in for Tommy Boy last Friday and today on the Morning Wake Up Call as well as doing my afternoon show since he was on vacation.  It's now my turn to take a couple days off.


Tommy Boy had his time of peace and relaxation and now it's my turn.  I'm going to be taking this Friday and the next Monday off so you'll hear a different voice taking you all the way home those days.  I've not decided exactly what I'm going to do in my free time.  I've been asked to go to Midland, Austin and a few other places to go hang out with friends, I'll probably end up in Fort Worth visiting my folks and some close friends.  Another event pushing me towards Fort Worth is the fact that Cory Morrow is playing at Billy Bob's Texas Saturday and I happened to stumble upon some backstage passes, that's not half bad.  Tommy Boy will be doing his Morning Wake Up Call and the Afternoon Drive, he'll have a couple of fun interviews Friday afternoon as well so be sure to tune in.  Friday he'll be talking to Brian Burke before his show over at Blaine's Pub and I've got a few other interviews in the works so stay tuned for who all will be making an appearance.  Monday will be a big day for winning fun as Tommy will have chances for you to win Jon Wolfe tickets for next Friday's Midnight Rodeo show and also Thieving Birds tickets for next Saturday's Stillwater Bar and Grill show.  All your favorite Texas/Red Dirt music and winning fun, you can't beat that with a stick so make sure you keep it locked in each and every day to your only full time Texas/Red Dirt station.

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