Record players aren't for going 'wicky wicky' folks!



This day in age if you're a younger person that enjoys old vinyl records there is appreciation from some and terms such as 'hipster' from others.  I don't think I'm snazzy enough the be a hipster so I'll just say I love the warm sounds that come from a vinyl record.  I know they take up space and the players a larger than an iPod dock but they can also be a conversation piece!

The warmth of the sound that comes from vinyls is just something you can't get from an MP3 or CD.  I could go on forever about the sounds but another thing I like about them is the history.  I've got an original 1964 Mississippi John Hurt record, I wonder who listened to that before me.  Many came from my parents and it's crazy to think they may have been having a 'party' or something and happened to be listening to half of what they sent me.   Chances are I had them on at a party or two of mine.

A friend and I hit up the Penny Pub & Grill on Wednesday nights.  You can bring your own vinyl and they'll play it while we all hang out.

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