Insanity - the new 60 day workout plan.


After my mother telling me I have gained weight, I decided to get super serious about this workout thing. I found this workout plan called ‘Insanity'. I started it yesterday, and I'm pretty sure every muscle in my body hurts.

If you go to the Insanity webpage there are before and after pictures. They are legit. It really made me motivated to get this done. The way Insanity works is it has a calendar you follow. One day you could be working on abs, the next cardio. It's a very strict workout plan. It's not for everybody, but I am learning how to properly work out. I have finally figured out that I was doing it wrong the whole time. I now know which exercises work out which part of the body. Like I said, I am serious this time. I eat a number of small meals a day, workout, and now exercise to my max. I highly recommend you try this intense work out plan.


Check out Insanity and see if it's for you.

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