I had this genius idea to help my workout plan. Are you ready for this? I’m going to do lunges around the office. Read on to see how long this lasted.


As all of you know, I am trying this whole workout, lose weight thing. So far, no results, but I do feel better about myself. Today  Tommy Boy and I were doing the morning show and I had this great idea to help me workout; do lunges around the office. What a horrible idea. I was sore within 20 minutes. This shows you how good of a workout lunges can be, but I don't think doing them all day around the office is the way to go. I found a video that shows you how to do he proper lunge. Now, the voice is funny but the video can help a lot. Check it out:


Good luck on working out, ladies. I can tell you it's very frustrating but in the end will pay off! Keep on keeping on as Jack Ingram would say! :)

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